Shufa Life is the premier online Chinese calligraphy gallery open to English speakers. Our mission is to crank open the doors of Chinese culture to the West, sharing art, philosophy, and thought carefully shaped over thousands of years. Understanding Chinese is not required.

Chinese calligraphy is otherwise known as shufa 書法(书法), or the writing method.  In Chinese it’s also called 毛筆字 (毛笔字), which means brush writing.

As the only form of writing for centuries, Chinese calligraphy became the chief messenger of Chinese culture.  Calligraphy skills were considered crucial to anyone serving the high court, and its identity evolved from a recording tool into its own art form.  

Shufa Life showcases Chinese proverbs, literature, and artwork in an inspiring and accessible way.  We use thousands of years of culture to find meaning and perspective, translating findings using native English speakers.   Curated by calligraphers and writers with 60+ years of calligraphy experience, this site make Chinese culture identifiable to all.

Practicing calligraphy has a meditative quality, building patience and focus in followers. Consistent practice is believed to improve temperament and cultivate the mind, ultimately even leading to longer lives.  Welcome to our journey to inspire and nourish the mind!