Chinese calligraphy courage bravery

勇 Yǒng -Courage, strength, bravery                                     Font: Standard script 楷書 (楷书kǎishū)

In Chinese history, the legend of Huā Mùlán 花木蘭 (花木兰 ) from the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589) is heralded as a great story of courage.  Mulan's father was an aging retired general who was sick and frail.  When the draft was called for a man from every family, he knew he'd probably be fighting his last battle, having "only" had a grown daughter.

One of the most important virtues in Chinese culture is to have filial piety, (孝順), which means respecting and caring for the elders in the family. Mulan had learned martial arts from her father and decided to put it to use by replacing her father in the military. She disguised herself as a man and quietly drafted herself into the army, without any warning to her parents.

For 12 years Mulan fought for her country, earning honors within the military for her courage and leadership.  In an age of rampant oppression of women's rights, her valiance is particularly inspiring.  I doubt she had a magical horse as in the Disney movie (which is being remade), but she had bravery.

Hopefully the new remake is as good as this ultra cute kid's version.  



Posted by Ms' Afternoon on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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