chinese character drunk

In Chinese calligraphy:  醉 Zuì, meaning drunk.

As the year rolls to an end, we raise a glass to celebrate.

Breaking down the 醉character, we see that “酉”represents alcohol (which is 酒 Jiǔ), and “卒” represents the end.  Alcohol drunk until the end generally leads to a state of drunkenness.

Single characters in Chinese often become a part of phrases, adding on an additional layer of meaning for the word.  For example, 陶醉 Táozuì  or 沉醉chénzuì  both mean intoxicated, or being immersed.  These phrases could even be used to describe being immersed in music or someone’s beauty.

The calligraphy font here is 行草 Xíngcǎo (running script), which is a flowing cursive style with personality, perfect for describing a night of free flow.

Background photo credit Ajay Classman