Letting Go Chinese calligraphy

2016 was full of surprises. New Year’s Resolution: Let it Go

Character meaning from right to left:  捨得(舍得 Shěde)-Willing to part with, 放下 Fàngxià- Put down

Style: Standard #楷書)

A storied fable describes an older monk and a younger monk running into an elderly woman by a stream.  As soon as she saw them, she brashly ordered them to pick her up and carry her to the other side, wading through pools of water in the process.  

The older monk obliged, but as he struggled with the water resistance, the woman slapped him across the head and cried, Stop jostling me around like I’m a bag of rocks!  And you must go faster!

The older monk said nothing but tried to pick up his pace a bit, soon setting the woman down on the other side gently.   Taking all this in, the young monk was taken aback.  Both monks continued along their way together, but the image of the older monk’s abuse still haunted his friend.  

Finally he said, I can’t believe she was so rude!  The older monk turned and looked at him with surprise.  “You’ve still been carrying her with you all this time?  I put her down by the stream already.”

舍得Shěde, means letting go, or being willing to part with comes from the I-ching and is a lifelong attitude.