How To Give Chinese New Year Gifts Gracefully

A new year, a fresh start!  Approximately 1.4billion people celebrate the Lunar New Year, including domestic and overseas Chinese people.  Chinese New Year is a time for large family gatherings and offering blessings for the upcoming year.  While offering lucky blessings, Chinese people around the world often give gifts as a sign of respect.  We […]

Chinese New Year Greetings For The Year Of The Dog

Auspicious or lucky greetings are particularly important on a holiday like Chinese New Year, otherwise known as Lunar New Year.  Greetings wishing a new year of fortune offer respect for family, friends, and even strangers.  Saying simple phrases like Happy New Year is great, but you can really show additional effort and skill by adding […]

Chinese New Year 2018: Animal Zodiac Story and Horoscope

Missed your chance to celebrate New Year properly this year?  According to the lunar calendar, you have another chance.  Traditionally, lunar new year is based on the harvest calendar and is also popularly known as Chinese New Year.  Not only is it the basis for a different set of festivals and holidays from the western […]

How To Celebrate Babies In Chinese Tradition: Customs and Gift Etiquette

For the Chinese, family is the center of society. A new birth may bring relatives and friends, near and far, to mark the happy occasion.  Such celebrations are often as infrequent as gatherings reserved for Chinese New Year or weddings.  Thus birth within a family holds special meaning for a community and is connected to […]

Chinese Calligraphy Translation Services

Growing up in America, Chinese kids often get teased and taunted by westerners who “speak” Chinese by saying “ching chang chong”, “ding dang dong”.  The bullies make incoherent babbling noises before dissolving into fits of laughter. If only Chinese translation were that easy! Chinese Calligraphy translation adds another layer of difficulty, given the various styles.  […]

How To Choose A Chinese Calligraphy Brush

Inspired by the striking ink characters set on milky rice paper?  The first place to start is by getting yourself a calligraphy brush, one of the four treasures of the study room.  Calligraphy writing and painting are both accomplished with this same crucial tool.  Ink brushes are quite similar across Asian culture, given that Japanese […]

Two Birds One Stone: 一箭雙鵰

Efficiency is certainly a standard most cultures strive for.  The popular saying”killing 2 birds with one stone” also has a Chinese story. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, 長孫晟 (长孙晟) Zhang Sun Cheng was a well known smart capable leader.   He was particularly famed for his  strong military knowledge and an expertise in archery. […]

It’s 2017 And Robots Perform Chinese Calligraphy

At the recent World Robot Conference in Beijing Aug 23-27, robots showed off their prowess in the arts, writing Chinese calligraphy, sketching portraits, and even playing the piano. Chinese calligraphy generators are already widely available online for digital use, but this next generation offers brush wielding bots that imitate the real thing.  Impressive, though calligraphy […]