The Chinese have a term for cell phone users: Ditouzhu 低頭族(低头族), or the clan of those with lowered heads.  It encompasses the young and the old, the mobile and the bedridden.  Everyone with a cell phone attached.  

Cell phone users are slowly catching on.  On the popular show Shark Tank, 2 guys pitched the "NoPhone", which is literally a useless hunk of plastic that pretends to be a phone.  It helps users wean themselves off the phone.  I'm not sure what is more shocking, the fact that it costs $10 or the fact that it's an utterly junk piece of plastic.  There are serious reviews on amazon for the product, and I can only chalk this up as the marquee gag gift of 2015.  

Smartphones are ubiquitous, not likely to go away anytime soon.  It's a tremendous amount of power held in our hands, to connect to almost anyone around the world.  Sometimes having power requires knowing when not to use it.  

Far from being a cell phone hating poem, today's poetry is a humorous look at every modern user of the phone.  

cell phone poem written using Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy, cellphone poetry

English Translation

Touch touch touch

Swipe swipe swipe

From the oceans' corners to the edge of the earth

Going online        From ancient history to now the search is on

Connect           Strangers and close friends in group conversation



In such a tiny area/space

The world is nearly boundless

Virtual as real

All is under grasp

Fingertips to fingertips

Soul to Soul

Secrets to discovery

Lost or immersed

Enslavement or exploitation

Can’t leave for even a day

Truly a miraculous toy

Simplified Chinese





上网 古往今来穷追索


接通 远近亲疏大会话  














Mō mō mō

huá huá huá

hǎi jiǎo dào tiānyá


shàngwǎng gǔwǎngjīnlái


qióng zhuī suǒ jiē tōng yuǎnjìn qīnshū dàhuì huà  


kōngjiān héqí xiǎo

shìjiè wúxiàn dà

xūnǐ rú zhēnshí

wàn yǒu zài shǒuxià

zhǐ jiān yǔ zhǐ jiān

xīnlíng hé xīnlíng

mìmì hé xièmì

míshī huò chénjìn

núyì huò lìyòng

yī rì bùkě lí

guǒzhēn miào wánjù