two birds one stone in calligraphy 一箭双雕

Efficiency is certainly a standard most cultures strive for.  The popular saying”killing 2 birds with one stone” also has a Chinese story.

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, 長孫晟 (长孙晟) Zhang Sun Cheng was a well known smart capable leader.   He was particularly famed for his  strong military knowledge and an expertise in archery.  While visiting the Tujue 突厥 tribe, he was greeted warmly by the king.  The king held utmost respect for Zhang Suncheng, often inviting him out on hunting trips.

On one of these hunting trips, the King suddenly saw 2 eagles midair flying and fighting over a piece of food.  He immediately handed Zhang Suncheng 2 arrows , requesting that both eagles be shot down.  Zhang Suncheng galloped ahead, and with one swift stroke, shot down both birds with one arrow.

一箭雙鵰 (一箭双雕 Yījiànshuāngdiāo) is the proverb that refers to killing 2 birds with one stone, referring to having 2 benefits from implementing one method.

Even an ancient times, without the infinite number of distractions we have today, time was a precious resource. Looking for the best way to “slay” the problem remains the name of the game.