Chinese Calligraphy Translation Services

How To Get A Chinese Calligraphy Translation We offer the following easy Chinese calligraphy translation services. Basic: Under 4 characters Basic Plus: (4-8 characters) Deluxe: 8-15 characters Deluxe Plus: 16-25 characters Deluxe Premium: 26-40 characters Choose from the dropdown menu: Calligraphy Translation Services Basic (Under 4 characters) $25.00 USDBasic Plus (4-8 characters) $35.00 USDDeluxe (8-15 […]

How To Choose A Chinese Calligraphy Brush

Inspired by the striking ink characters set on milky rice paper?  The first place to start is by getting yourself a calligraphy brush, one of the four treasures of the study room.  Calligraphy writing and painting are both accomplished with this same crucial tool.  Ink brushes are quite similar across Asian culture, given that Japanese […]

Best Chinese Calligraphy Generators Online

What if we could produce Chinese calligraphy, with a click of a mouse? Online Chinese calligraphy generators are important digital tools for both the enjoyment and practice of this time honored tradition. We’ve narrowed down the best chinese calligraphy font generators for everyone from beginners to experienced calligraphers.   One of the best ways for a […]

4 Tools to Make Gorgeous Chinese Calligraphy

After enjoying calligraphy art, artists will be relieved to discover how easy it is to get started.  The 4 essential Chinese calligraphy tools are called 文房四寶 (文房四宝Wénfángsìbǎo) or literally the 4 treasures of the study room.  (note, this post contains affiliate links) Calligraphy Brush The Chinese brush is at least three thousand years old, the Chinese brush is […]

Spring Festival Couplets for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year historically has been the biggest holiday within the lunar calendar, a calendar aimed at managing the planting and harvest season.   Lunar New Year was the longest rest period from work on the farm, resulting in large family gatherings, a tradition that still endures today. 春聯(春联Chūnlián), otherwise known as Spring Festival Couplets, are […]

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