Ways To View Your Luck: Misfortune And Fortune

祸兮福之所倚,福兮祸之所伏。《老子》 Prosperity is rooted in calamity, Calamity is rooted in prosperity .  In other words, good fortunes lies in bad, bad fortune lurks within good. Said by philosopher Laozi, Fortune may come out of misfortune and vice versa.  During happy times you may feel particularly hard hit by bad shocks, which could be around the […]

Two Birds One Stone: 一箭雙鵰

Efficiency is certainly a standard most cultures strive for.  The popular saying”killing 2 birds with one stone” also has a Chinese story. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, 長孫晟 (长孙晟) Zhang Sun Cheng was a well known smart capable leader.   He was particularly famed for his  strong military knowledge and an expertise in archery. […]

Cell Phone Poetry – A Clan Of Lowered Heads

The Chinese have a term for cell phone users: Ditouzhu 低頭族(低头族), or the clan of those with lowered heads.  It encompasses the young and the old, the mobile and the bedridden.  Everyone with a cell phone attached.  Cell phone users are slowly catching on.  On the popular show Shark Tank, 2 guys pitched the “NoPhone”, […]

Persistence – Han Dynasty Chinese proverb (有志竟成)

Characters: 有志竟成, Style: Standard Script (楷书kǎishū) The second dynasty in Chinese history was divided between Western or Former Han (206 B.C.–9 A.D.) and the Eastern or Later Han (25–220 A.D.).  During Western Han, a scholar named Gengyan 耿弇 took an interest in the military.  When he heard that General Liuxiu 劉秀 (漢光武)(who later Emperor Gwangwudi of […]


Original Light Poetry in Chinese calligraphy Snowflakes fill the skyWhite in every directionSnowmen standing in rowsPuffing their chests and holding heads highSmiling with a confident airChecking to see who’s tallThe highest is not meTurns out it’s the building 雪花飞满天 四野白茫茫 雪人排排站 昂首挺胸膛 含笑真神气 看谁个儿高 最高不是我 原来是楼房 Xuěhuā fēi mǎn tiān sìyě bái mángmáng xuěrén pái pái […]

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