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Auspicious or lucky greetings are particularly important on a holiday like Chinese New Year, otherwise known as Lunar New Year.  Greetings wishing a new year of fortune offer respect for family, friends, and even strangers.  Saying simple phrases like Happy New Year is great, but you can really show additional effort and skill by adding new year blessings. 

The standard greeting is to start with "Happy New Year", 新年快樂 Xīnnián kuàilè) followed by auspicious words in the section below.  Even though the literal translation may be "year of the dog wealth", the "wishing you" part of the phrase is understood, without needing an explicit verb.  Many of these sayings or couplets are displayed on wall scrolls or around doors, projecting well wishes.  

Year of the Dog 2018 Lunar New Year Greetings

Chinese folks love a play on words, so for each year in the zodiac, different sayings are used that make use of relevant sounds.  Typically auspicious words are combined with a reference to an animal sound or characteristic.  For example in Chinese, the sound that dogs make is "汪汪 wàngwàng" (the Chinese equivalent to woof woof).  汪 (woof) shares the same sound as 旺, which is part of the phrase 興旺, which means thriving or flourishing.  As a result, the Chinese character 旺 is used in many lucky greetings for the Year of the dog.  

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Dog Year Specific Greetings


















With the year of the Dog, comes fortune and luck.
Year of the Dog brings wealth and fortune

The Dog year will change heaven and earth(positively)
The Year of the Dog brings money and fortune

Flourish and Thrive in the Year of the Dog


When the Dog Year comes, Fortune Arrives  

The Dog Year brings Prosperity

Fortunes turn (positive) in the year of the Dog

Welcome the New Year with prosperity

The Dog Year brings massive fortune



Prosperity comes to bless the New Year

Welcome the New Year with a buzz

Good fortune comes rolling in

Welcome the year of the dog



Gǒu lái fù

Gǒu nián fùguì

gǒu zhuǎn qiánkūn

wàngwàng zhāocái

gǒu nián xīngwàng


gǒu lái fú dào

gǒu lái yùn wàng

gǒu nián yùnzhuǎn

wàngwàng yíng xīnnián

gǒu nián xíng dàyùn


wàngwàng lái fú bào xīnnián

fèi fèi yángyáng yíng gǒu nián

hǎoshì wàngwàng lái

huānxǐ yíng gǒu nián 

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Dog Year Spring Couplets

Another level of sophistication in Chinese new year sayings come in the form of couplets.  Couplets are a pair of phrases written on red paper and attached to walls or doors to create a festive atmosphere.   Here are a few dog year specific lucky sayings.









Dog Year Couplets

Sing for the sunny days and say good-bye to the past. Welcome to the New year, the dog with good luck brings a full harvest

The Dog Year protects the whole family from harm.  Diligent people work through the seasons and have plenty leftover.

The wealthy country prospers under a strong government.  Chicken and dog play cheerfully with the message of peace.

Dragons fly freely to welcome the new year. With great power they wake up the year of Dog.

Days swiftly go by as the rooster (from the previous year) crows in the morning. The dog guards the family in this lucky year.

Wishing a new year where everything goes smoothly.  The dog year is prosperous with many grains


Cí jiù líng jī gē rì lì
yíngxīn ruì quǎn bào nián fēng

gǒu hù yīmén xǐ wúyàng
rén qín sìjì qìng yǒuyú

guó fùmín qiáng yuán gǎigé
jī míng quǎnfèi bào shēngpíng

lóng xiáng huáxià yíngxīn suì qì bó yúntiān fèn quǎn nián rìxīnyuèyì jī bàoxiǎo suì jí nián xiáng gǒu kān mén xīn suì zhùfú wànshì shùn   gǒu nián zhào fēng wǔgǔ xiāng

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Don't forget to use these lunar new year greetings when seeing Chinese people after the New Year.  

What Chinese New Year blessings do you like to use?

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