Winter Sun – Light Poem

Original Light Poetry in Chinese calligraphy 兒童詩 (儿童诗 Értóng shī) English TranslationThe winter sun covers his headToo lazy to speak lazy to moveHeaven ordered him to sleepNo need to be nosy, no need to stand outThe fine winter blanket is softBut scratches the nose until it itchesCan’t help but: Ha-cheww (sneeze)Thick clouds partHe peaks out […]

Top Benefits of Chinese Calligraphy (Shufa 书法)

Shufa 书法, or Chinese calligraphy,  may seem a bit daunting at first, a practice better left to a professional, an artist, or better yet some Chinese scholar??  Yet the benefits of Chinese calligraphy have been discussed for thousands of years. What it takes to perfect the art of calligraphy is personified by the family of Wang Xizhi王羲之, […]


Written in calligraphy (shufa): 淡飯粗茶有真味,明窗淨几是安居 (traditional Chinese) 淡饭粗茶有真味,明窗净几是安居 (simplified Chinese) Dàn fàn cūchá yǒu zhēn wèi, míng chuāng jìng jī shì ānjū -Light meals simple tea has authentic taste -Clear bright windows, clean coffee table makes a peaceful home During the holiday season as the presents pile up under the tree (if we’re lucky) and the […]

Inner Peace – A Still Mind

Background photo credit Pexels    In Chinese calligraphy: 心靜而本體現,水清而月影明  (traditional Chinese) 心静而本体现,水清而月影明 (simplified Chinese) Xīnjìng ér běn tǐxiàn, shuǐ qīng ér yuèyǐng míng  –When the mind is still the true self presents itself, (just as) when the water is clear, the moon’s shadow shows In the Ming Dynasty, Taoist Hóng yīngmíng 洪應明(洪应明) produced a collection of proverbs […]

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