Cell Phone Poetry – A Clan Of Lowered Heads

The Chinese have a term for cell phone users: Ditouzhu 低頭族(低头族), or the clan of those with lowered heads.  It encompasses the young and the old, the mobile and the bedridden.  Everyone with a cell phone attached.  Cell phone users are slowly catching on.  On the popular show Shark Tank, 2 guys pitched the “NoPhone”, […]

Winter Sun – Light Poem

Original Light Poetry in Chinese calligraphy 兒童詩 (儿童诗 Értóng shī) English TranslationThe winter sun covers his headToo lazy to speak lazy to moveHeaven ordered him to sleepNo need to be nosy, no need to stand outThe fine winter blanket is softBut scratches the nose until it itchesCan’t help but: Ha-cheww (sneeze)Thick clouds partHe peaks out […]

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